My 13 month son doesn't want to eat anything I try to give him. All he wants is his bottle with milk. He wont eat the baby cereal, gerber toddler foods. How do I get him to eat or what should I try to give him?


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Two questions: does he have any symptoms of illness? And will he feed himself small finger foods and snacks? You said you've tried baby food and gerber toddler foods, but you didn't mention if you are spoon feeding him or if he's feeding himself. The reason I ask is both my sons went through a stage where they started appreciating their independence in eating and would refuse to be spoon-fed for a while. And I ask about sick symptoms because I wondered if he could possibly have a soar throat and is only wanting liquids. Going along with that question, is he drinking juice/water from a sippy cup?? Or is he strictly refusing everything but milk bottles?

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