My 13 will do what she wants

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Hello I had a problem about my teen hiding stuff from me sneaking around behind my back I said you need to be back by 8 and she only uses her IPad Downstairs it worked for a while but now she has stopped coming home at the correct time she just texts me to say she's fine I don,t know where she is most of the time she even hid her phone from me please help me how dangeros is this and what should I do about it


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1. Take her phone.
2. Ground her for at least 2 weeks. If she misses curfew, after her grounding, then add a months time.
3. Weekly Chore list that if is not finished weekly, another privilege is taken away.
4. If she ever hides her phone from you again, she loses it for good. And she does not get her phone back until she is ready to oblige by your rules.
5. You must have contact numbers for who she is with, or she does not get to go out.
6. Start having her friends over your house instead of sending her out all the time. That way you get to see who she is hanging with.
7. If she does not use the ipad or computer in a family designated location that can be seen by all at anytime, she loses them.

Mom, you are in charge right? Then take over. If she will not hand over your phone, call the service and cut it off. If she brings it to that point, I would not give her a phone back period. She can get a phone when she can pay for it, and the monthly bills.

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