My 13 year old daughter has grown so fast.

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After giving birh to my beautiful daughter I nursed to took care of her until she was 1 and a half. I was not there for her second birthday. We reunite after her 2nd birthday. After living with me for nine months I got a job offer in another country. I leave her behind with her dad. I took that job offer so I could better support my family. Every summer my daughter visits me. After five years her dad migrated so my daughter was with her grandmother. Both parents are gone but I was one supporting my daughter financially(school fees, school trips etc) since her dad was not working. With all of that we showed lots of love. After a about 4 years my daughter migrated to be her dad. I missed her an awful lot because visitation was a little difficult since I didn't have a visa to go visa her and whenever she gets holidays from she often wants to stay because she was enjoying her new friends and the new country. I understand and continue to communicate with he.

Fours later I joined the crew. I was so happy to reunit with my family. My daughter has grown so much. She is very intelligent. She expresses herself very well. She has a mind of her own. I dont have to say much when it comes on to chores in the house and other simple things. I feel like I'm afraid of her somewhat. She is funny, talkative, spend long time video chatting with he4 friends and she likes to go out.

I get controlling sometimes because I this she is too expressive it comes off to me aggressive at time. I am very passionate myself and I want to get my point across but she talks over me, and I think that disrespectful. I love my daughter to bits and she is the reason why I'm here now. She crys and stay away from me after we have a fight. She doesn't want to speak to me even if I ty to force her. I cry also because it makes me sad. I dont want her to be afraid of me. I want us to be mother and daughter no not enemies. She stays closer to her and and he4 20 year old sister. That pain my heart because I want us to have good relationship also.

What can I do to bring back that closeness to us? What should I say to her?

I dont want to loose my daughter at 13 ....


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I have to say that when I was that age i did not have a good relationship with my mom i was going through allot and trying to hard to be an adult before you get into an argument with her take a breath and try to see it from were she is coming from then when you start to talk to her you will be calmer and more collect and she will understand more of what your say ( no one likes to be yelled at it makes them shut off to what your saying try and remember that)

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