My 13 years old son how to change his attitude.

Gloria - posted on 09/16/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son has had an attitude since he turned 12 anything we say he talks back to his father and myself. The roll of the eyes, the he does not have to do anything we ask and even fighting with his sister. Its breaking my heart not to know how to fix this problem.


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Eixu - posted on 09/18/2015




Rules are love ♥ talk with your man and make a set of rules that the kids should obey. You both have to on the same line and say the same thing. If he still is rolling his eyes and not do anything you ask. There should be a punishment. Think of something that really works like taking the phone away for a week or internet etc. but you have to both be firm. It doesn´t work if the other one gives up. Worked with my kids

Suzy - posted on 09/18/2015




Hi Gloria,
I feel for you and have been there and done that! It is a very difficult time when your kids hit that ‘teenager’ stage. Their hormones are so out of whack and it’s hard telling what they’ll respond to you with. It sounds like your son is at the beginning of that. I remember when my son went through it. I also had a hard time figuring out what to do.

That time is when the son is trying to ‘break away’ from the mom to be independent and they’ll do anything to get it accomplished. I’m going to guess that you have more trouble from him than your husband. If so, that is typical. Don’t take it personal because of that, it is just the way this process works. For them to become a man, they have to leave behind their mom who is the one that has primarily taken care of them since birth.

The one thing I learned with a very unruly teenage son is that I had to say what the consequences were and stick to them. Being consistent is the most important thing. If he is doing something unacceptable, make a consequence for it and implement it the first time he acts out and continue to do so. It can get very frustrating but you have to remain strong. It is like trying to teach a 2 year old again. Soon he will see that you will follow through and get the message that he can’t act that way.

Good luck!

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