My 13month old boy is more struggling to eat except breast milk what can i do


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Chet - posted on 07/11/2014




Breastmilk is a complete food. If your son is happy and developing normally I wouldn't worry.

Try to gently offer food on a regular basis though. He needs to get used to the texture of food, moving food around in his mouth, and other skills related to eating.

Definitely try offering food he can feed himself - bits of pasta, dry cereal he can pick up, soft fruits and veggies that are cut up into bite sized pieces. Also try sharing your food - offer bites from you plate, share a banana or an orange.

Kids are often more willing to eat in the morning. You're likely to have the most luck at breakfast or lunch.

Sometimes kids are too distracted and busy to bother eating. You could try offering food in the car or in the stroller and see how that goes.

Don't offer him junky food just to get him to eat! That's winning the battle, but losing the war. You want him to develop a taste for healthy, whole foods.

I would not offer whole milk, and I would definitely not offer him juice (water is okay). Breastmilk is very nutrient dense, and until he's eating a variety of solids you don't want to offer liquids that will reduce the amount of breastmilk he takes in.

One of our kids didn't really start eating solids until he was around 15 months. It's not unusual.

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