My 13month old is so picky! What do

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My son is 13months old with 8 teeth and is so picky! He likes cooked veggies like carrots, poatatos, & celery. He also likes rice cereal, yogurt, cheerios, soups, refried beans & rice. I cant get him to eat much else, even by letting him play with it thinking that would draw more interest in it. He also gags alot, even on rice cereal. He doesnt like fruit too much. On more solid things he acts like he doesnt know how to chew. Any suggestions on meals?? He also hates eggs!! He will sometimes eat meat. Should i try tuna or lunch meats?


Dove - posted on 09/09/2012




Sounds like a pretty good variety at 13 months. Tuna might be a good one, but I wouldn't go with lunch meat just yet. If he has texture issues (sounds like a possibility) lunch meat might be a bit tricky for him and the sodium content in it is no good for anyone.. especially a little guy.

Just keep offering him little bits of new foods in addition to the things you know he eats. Keep it relaxed and he'll eat other things in time. You could always try feeding him food off of your plate (if you don't mind that). All of my kids used to like Mommy and Daddy's food better than their own... even though it was exactly the same. lol

If he's not much into fruit you can always try a smoothie. Yogurt, banana, oj, and whatever frozen fruits you want.

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