My 14 .5 years old just cannot stop her binge -eating habit. She is always asking for snacks right aftr taking a normal /full fledged meal ? What do i do ? I am worried that she will end up becoming over weight ? Also she does not understand the importance of eating well before bedtime? please suggest some thing nice to me ? Regards Farah


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Dove - posted on 10/10/2014




All of my kids can eat pretty much nonstop. They are also very active though, so need a lot of calories to burn.

Sarah - posted on 10/10/2014




First of all, is she overweight now? My teens astonish me with how much and how often they eat! I have a boy 18 and a girl 15, both are very active in sports. As long as they eat a well balanced diet and aren't just eating because they are bored, I don't worry about it.
Maybe you could suggest she keep a food log and track everything she eats. However, I caution you to approach this very carefully. Teen girls can be very sensitive about their bodies and will mistake concern for criticism. You want her to feel good about herself, no matte her shape or size. The more healthy options you have available and the less junk you have in the house will improve what she eats.

A - posted on 10/10/2014




My daughter is a big eater too. I too am trying to get her to move around more and get of her Kindle. I am going to try to get her to eat more protein its supposed to keep you fill longer. I have had to limit snacks. I buy mostly berries and yogurt, granola bars stuff like that. These girls are growing fast and I am trying to keep her busy with her friends doing activities.

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