My 14 mo. son hits people when he is mad or gets too excited. Help?! I have tried everything!

Erika - posted on 08/02/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 14 month old son Cylas hits people when he is mad or gets too excited. Sometimes even for no specific reason. He hits me, his father, his grandma, his aunt, and sometimes other kids his age. I feel like I have tried everything from time outs, yelling, just talking, making him look at me and saying "Ouch! We don't hit mommy. We are nice to mommy". But nothing seems to work. Ive tried ignoring him but that just leads to more hitting and yelling. I don't understand where he could have picked up this behavior from, as no one around him hit or are aggressive. I keep thinking to myself that this is a phase since he has always been advanced for his age and is already well into his Terrible Twos at his age, but he won't stop. Any advice would be much appreciated!


Amy - posted on 08/02/2011




IMO you didn't ignore the behavior long enough. If you're holding him and he hits say in a calm even tone, "we don't hit" then put him down and turn your back and ignore him. If he screams just walk away from him and let him have his tantrum if he hits you just repeat we don't hit and then remove yourself from the situation. You need to get everyone else to do the same, if he hits a child say we don't hit and try to distract him from the situation if that doesn't work just leave. He's probably going to yell and scream just walk away the less of a reaction be gets the quicker it will hopefully pass.

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