My 14 month has become a picky eater

Cori - posted on 11/07/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son used to eat anything and everything his dad and I would put in front of him, but latley he has become more picky. He refuses to let me feed him anything and he doesn't yet know how to use the spoon so he uses his fingers. He throws food on the floor if it is new to him, I try to make him taste it because when he gives foods a chance he does actually like them. An example of this is mac n cheese. He would not have anything to do with until i made him taste it and now he loves it. And he used to eat beefaroni but latley he has been acting as though he is tierd of it. I have been trying other foods such as pork chops chopped up into small pieces, chopped hotdogs, grilled cheese, and several others. Some nights he will eat the pork chops but other nights he throws it and with the other foods he refuses to taste it. He mainly eats fruit and drinks milk, water and 1 sippy of juice a day. I tried the gerber meat sticks and he did actually like those but im running out of ideas of what to give him. He obviously is not starving he is 30 lbs and 4 ozs but i feel like he needs something more in his diet. Maybe im over thinking and maybe he is just fine but i need some suggestions!!

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