my 14 month old wont stop whinning!!!what do i do???

Katrina - posted on 07/31/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




so i know babies will cry or whine when they want something,i have a 4 year old and also was a nanny,but my 14 month old just walks around all day whinning,its a awful scream/high pitch whine,for no good reason,no fever,no new teeth,hes been doing this since about 10 months,what do i do???im really not good w/ time out ok at this age?


Donna - posted on 07/31/2011




My daughter is now 14 years old, but she use to do the same thing, and I couldn't take it any more so I did it back to her. At first she didn't know what to think, then it realy started to bother her. Everytime she would wine/scream thro a fit, I'd also do those things. She quickly learned she didnt like it and stopped.
I even went as far as throwing myself on the market floor, kicking my legs and pounding the floor with my fist(as she was doing.)She was 18months old at the time. She stopped an looked at me like I was crazy. But she never did it again.....I'm not sure at 14months old he will understand the time out thing yet!


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Kelina - posted on 07/31/2011




i got sick of my son doing it not long after that and told him if he wanted to whine he could go to his room. Now when he whines i tell him if he's gonna do it he can do it in his room and come out when he's ready to be a big boy. Works great, cause somehow he usually decides he doesn't need to whine after all lol. It's funny how that works isn's it?

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/31/2011




Yup, I whine back at my 15 month old, she laughs and we do it back and forth. She still whines occasionally, but nothing like what you have described.

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