My 14 year old boy has Asperger's and is school phobic, with separation anxiety and OCD, I can't find a suitable school placement for him should I home school him again?

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After a battle with schools and the LEA, home schooling him for two years, getting the local MP to write to the council, and him being diagnosed as being clinically depressed and unable to access school for over a year, the council have decided he can have a Statement of Special Educational Needs. Here comes the problem. There is no LEA specialist school placement available and the only school suitable in the area has a child in the school from a family who physically attacked my two children and tried to run me over. What should I do??? Should I turn down the statement and home school him again? I can't take him to a school more than 30 minutes from my house as I have two other children. Therefore this one school is my only option. Everyone thinks he should return back to school but I feel the stress could outweigh the benefits. I have spoken to partnership with parents, heads of schools, medical professionals, who keep saying the same thing, "there aren't enough provisions for Asperger children in surrey, and Asperger children should not be put with ADHD children". I need advice as to know what should I do.


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I'm not entirely sure what country you're in, as you're using some unfamiliar terms, but can't you try the school and if it doesn't work, push for homebound schooling? To do homebound in the US you must have a medical need that makes the school setting inappropriate or unsafe, and this sounds like it fits. It is not homeschooling and it is sending them to school - it is the same teachers and therapists coming into the home on a daily basis for so many hours to provide the same education and therapy he would receive in the school setting, with the hope that eventually the services provided would allow attendance in a regular public school setting again if possible, but if not, it continues.

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