My 14 Year Old Daughter Wants to Quit The Dance Team She Just Made

Shelly - posted on 06/24/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Help! I need advice on what to do...My 14 year old daughter will be entering high school next year. She had been on the middle school dance team and really enjoyed it so I encouraged her to try out for the high school team. Well, she made the team but has since had hip inflammation that has caused her to sit out (but she is still attending all practices) and she is currently undergoing physical therapy.
Now, she says she wants to quit the team. When I ask her why she says;
1. She didn't want to try out in the first place but I "made" her. I have to admit that she did tell me she did not want to but I was under the impression it was because she feared she would get cut. And, when she found out she made the team, she was excited.
2. She says the girls are not nice to her and they think she is faking.
3. She says she has to be able to do several things by the end of the summer (spits 3 different ways, back walk-overs, leaps, turns) or she'll be benched and that these would have been tough for her even if she didn't have a hip injury.
So, what do I do? Do I tell her quitting is not an option and she needs to stick it out for this season? Or, do I explain that if she quits it is possible the girls will treat her differently at school and she may be closing the dance team door forever but that she can decide what to do?
I'm at a loss for what is the right thing to do. I don't want her to hate it and hold it against me for "making" her try out but I don't want to teach her that quitting is okay and I don't want her to be labeled a quitter at her new school.


Michelle - posted on 06/24/2015




Do you want her to stay in the team but be benched? That's not fun for her.
You said she would have struggled with what she has to do even without her injury, she may not be cut out for a higher level of dance.
You also don't want her to have a more serious injury that can be worse as she gets older.
If she does love dance maybe see if you can find a dance studio in your area out of school so she can keep it up.

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