My 14 Year Old Steals

Cathy - posted on 02/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 14 Year old daughter has been stealing from me, my husband, and our other daughter (now 18) since she was very little. She has taken everything from a hair clip from my oldest, to the sum of over 5000 dollars in credit card charges. A bit about her: he has ADHD, and obsessive compulsive disorder. She currently sees a counselor to help her cope with her ADHD, and there have been good months along with bad. The stealing, though the frequency has decreased, has not really improved. We have not locked our things up and completely away from her because I do not believe in having to have locked doors in a household. She knows how to push all of our buttons and does so constantly. She gets us angry at her, and then turns it around on us making it our fault that she is so angry and that she steals (ex. "You wouldn't give me your password for Netflix so I had to look for it and I couldn't help myself from getting your paypal password too. You shouldn't leave them together like that. You KNOW I can't help but take them.") Last week we discovered that she had stolen over $400 worth of recurring charges on my credit card. In the past we have tried having the police talk to her, making her pay us back, having her work off the money she owes us, and yet none of it is working. I am at a complete loss as to where to go from here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Shanise - posted on 02/28/2014




Have you tried to grow a bond with her, seems likehe is acting out. Let her know that she does not need to steal and whatever shr needs just you and you will help her. At this age, e going through changes like body and trying figure who.they are. Get to know your daughter. She is not the same little girl. anymore. sometimes, at this age tjey tend to do stuff to be noticed or to fit in. get to know her friends. don't be afraid to be a friend as well as mother.

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