My 14 year old step daughter doesn't want to go home!

Daisy - posted on 08/23/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need some advise! I live in PA n my 14years old stepdaughter comes for the summer n now she doesn't want to go home n her mom doesn't want to let her stay mind you she has been through A LOT ! Ok she gets no love from her mom, she use to cut herself, she shaved off her eye brows, she colored her hair, She doesn't want to be with her mom what's so ever, her mom party's all the time, her mom hits her, she lost her virginaty at 13 n now when she wants to go out all she tells her for what she wants to go out so she can go n sleep with the first guy that passes by her, many other things, n to be truthful with us she's not like that she's calm she doesn't even ask to go out she helps me a lot in the house, she comes to mevfor advise I really don't see her as a bad girl but I think if she stays with her mom either she will runaway eventually or sorry to say but will find in a ditch some where, her mom can't stand me nr my husband, we can't speak to her cause she starts yelling n not acting civil which I wish she did, she is also worry that we take her to child support which we don't need nor want, this lady when my step daughter was 9 years old she try to pass drugs n fake money to south America while she had her kids with her n her friend notice that she got caught she graver the kids n just bored the plain she was out of her life for 2 years n we didn't know nothing cause we never spoke to this woman it was all through her aunt cause we just can't speak to her cause again she can't act civil, I really don't know what to do n what are my husbands rights! Theres much more, If anyone know of anything that can help please let me know, thank you daisy


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Michelle - posted on 08/24/2012




Maybe your husband should apply for custody through the courts. They will even take into consideration your SD's wants as she is old enough to say where she wants to live.

Chaya - posted on 08/23/2012




If you can find someone for her to speak to that she's comfortable with, she should tell them why she doesn't want to go home, if she does that, she'll likely be allowed to stay with you, I don'tknow what the issues are, and quite possibly, you don't, but if there is a qualified councior or therapist she can trust, they can help her get to a sfe place, if that safe place is with you, that's great.

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