My 14 year son is out of control ....

Katrina - posted on 10/09/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




My 14 year old son thinks he needs to control every thing an every one .he pushes an takes swings at not only me but his father his father's girlfriend an my new boyfriend .I need help i dont know what els to do he has been talkin to a lady from Mental heath here in my home town Amherst NS but things are get worse I have been tryin to set rules for him I have told him an his father I cant do it any more an that his father needs to take him now he is gettin bigger an stronger an i dont want to get hurt or him.. what can i do


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Sharlene - posted on 10/22/2011




h , please don't take this the wrong way, but your son a good kick b um, Looks darls you all need to sit down with your son and let him talk to all of you's and let him express his and thoughts then you's all express yourselfs.How you looked in profession councilor talk to the schhool, even see if he has any other issues at school,friends,ither family member's .Im hopping you get somewhere with your son ,Finger cross.All the best darls

Katrina - posted on 10/21/2011




Thanks Wendy I have tryed asking the police for help but doesnt get me any where they just keep telling me that there is nothing they can do tell something happenes an that is not what i want something bad to happen he has gottin himself in trouble already by braking windows at the school an has to do hours to pay that back .but i will try callin restorative justice back an see if they can help with anger mangament for thanks again .... :)

Wendy - posted on 10/15/2011




my daughter 14 now went through a Anger manigement course about 5 months ago far so good no outbursts since nothing violent anyway......check with who your involved with for mental health failing that the police will know how to find access to the program....thats how my daughter got involved she beat a girl up at school police ordered her to do the course.......hope it helps

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You can't force the man to be a dad (as nice as that power would be) and by trying to push your son on a man that doesn't want him.... I think it'll make it worse for your son.

Unfortunately I have no idea on solutions as my son is only 3.5 right now.

Katrina - posted on 10/15/2011




thanks for writing me but not that I want his dad to fight back with him just need his dad to step up now an be there more for himnot just when it is convent for dad but when Kody needs him to be there even for a drivr or go out for a coffee with him I been trough the ringer with Kody for almost 15 years by myself now I think it is the less his father could do to step in an try like i did that is all Kody wants is to be his dad's center on life I have tryed everything to help Kody an tryed to have his dad involled with meetins as well an his dad never seems to make the time to show up so if he has to do it all by himself my be he would start to see that what I have been tellin about same rules in one house hold should o in all ....

JuLeah - posted on 10/09/2011




Yah, you are wise to see he needs help. This won't just get better with time. You don't want him taking a swing at the wrong person, hurting someone or landing in jail.

Push the mental health stuff. There is a reason for this. It is not hormones, or normal teen behavior, or ADHD. He is 100% in control of his actions, even if he feels he is not.

If he were not in control, he would have killed someone by now. He pulls back and stops short of that right? So, he is in control.

Let his father know how bad it is. Don't let pride stop you, but his father being bigger and stronger won't be much help.

You can't react with violence and expect that to solve the problem. He may not attack his father if his father makes it clear he will hit back, but that doesn't solve the problem

Keep on, you will find a solution

Katrina - posted on 10/09/2011




he also is ADHD an I did go to parenting classes as well tryed everything it seems :( I love my son dearly but this cant go on please help me ..... :(

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