My 14 yr old granddaughter is being manipulated by her boyfriend.

BELINDA - posted on 02/10/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




She thinks she's in love with a 16yr old who is teaching her to cut herself. We firmly ended the relationship and will be changing schools. What can I do to make her feel loved?


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Jodi - posted on 02/11/2015




I agree that just changing schools is not the solution. Is she seeing a counsellor?

Mercedes - posted on 02/11/2015




I had a best friend in a similar situation in our youth. First, teach her to have independence and get her into emotional counseling. Many girls who cut, even after the initial cause is gone, will continue to do so to fill this "void" that they perceive in their lives.
Then perhaps find something she can love, a pet, or an activity of pride, like art, music, theater, dance, and hope that she will latch onto that, to fill that "void".
Overall stress, kindly, that she is a beautiful girl, and find all sorts of things about her (most should be physical since she's that that age) that are stunning.
Take her out on complete mother-daughter dates to improve her self-image, spas, day out on the town, shopping, modeling cute clothes, and do everything you can to make sure she knows she isn't alone.
Because usually...that's how they feel no matter how happy the people around them are.

Michelle - posted on 02/11/2015




You need to be getting her into counselling. Forbidding her to see him will only make her more determined to keep seeing him, especially if she says she's in love with him.

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