My 15 mnth old son obessesed with playing with my hair

Alisdawn - posted on 04/15/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 15 month old seems to have this strong fetish and need to play with my hair for comfort and sleep time. He tosses and turns and looks for my hair at night and wakes up often. He can get very aggressive with it and pulls hard at times. We have tried to divert the behavior and give him other things ( even leave my tshirt in his crib). Any suggestions appreciated - i am going to start wearing a hair net.


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my son does the same thing, except he does it to his own hair if he cant get at mine. it does hurt and i would just say keep diverting, maybe to a stuffed animal with long hair that he can pull on, and eventually he will learn. it just takes alot of persistence. also mention it to his doctor bcuz ive heard of cases where the baby needed further help with it.

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ignoring always works well i know its hard to ignore it when they're ripping your hair out (trust me i've tried) as for the sleep thing hmm i don't know

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