My 15 month old baby is a picky eater!!!!! i dont now what else to do!

Alexis - posted on 04/14/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 15 month old baby is a picky eater, every day is a struggle with him since day 1!
He refuses eating with me, he eats better with hes dad! maybe because my husband has a stronger personality with the baby! i dont have patients and i transmitted this to my baby...

Every day we sit down the baby in his chair and he refuses to eat before trying his food! now he hates his chair, we have to give him food standing up or running behind him.

When i was a teenager i used to have anorexia... thank God know i am a healthy women and i eat every thing! (healthy of course) but for some reasen, i want my son to became a healthy eater!

Having to feed him, when he dosent want to eat , is a struggle for me because i feel that i am forcing him to eat! my pediatric told me that i have to be patiente when the baby eats and if i have to be with him for an hour trying, i have to do it....

I have another way of thinking, if the baby dosnt want to eat, he wont eat, and i f he wants to eat he eats....

I feel bad because some times my husband makes him cry giving him his food!

i am right or rung?

Please help!

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