My 15 month old baby only speaks 6 words total? Is that normal my doc said its ok but kindda me making worried. We talk to her or teach her to say simple words but she's seems not interested but she follows simple iinstructions eg pick up da shoes give it to mommy.


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Ashley - posted on 05/02/2011




My little guy only says "what's that?' "Mama" "bye-bye" and "ba-ba" (which means baby, brothers, ball or puppy!) But he can also follow simple instructions, same as yours. Most kids won't have a large vocabulary or speak well until at least 2, so don't worry!!

Tcordukes - posted on 05/02/2011




i wouldn't worry to much at 15 mths my son didn't even babble and the docs where not worried he started at 18mth then word probably started at 2, he still doesn't that much really but he is improving. we get No, milk, mum, brezza, please, mick, nan, and he just learnt chocolate over easter.. lol... im sure there is a few more words. As long as she is following instruction and doctors aren't worried she will be fine.:)

Stifler's - posted on 05/02/2011




my 15 month old says mamama, dadadaada, nononononono if it's any consolation.

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