My 15 Month-old only eats puree's

Krysta - posted on 04/27/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




So far every stage of food has been a struggle for him. He even hated bottles (and refused to breast feed... trust me, I tried for 14 weeks). I had to force-feed him puree's until he would take them, at 9-10 months. Now at 15 months, he is still only eating purees. If he gets a chunk of anything in his mouth, he either Gags on it and throws up everything, or that little chunk will stay in his mouth for a good solid 1-2 hours.
If I put food on his tray, he either plays with it, or sweeps it off the tray. If I try to put it in his mouth, he claps his jaw shut very tightly and avoids my hand vigorously.

I have been advised by friends and family to try and "starve it out". Only offer him solids, and if he doesn't eat, then he doesn't eat. Supposedly, they say he won't let himself starve, and he'll eat something. ... A friend's son took three whole days before he ate anything!! I was planning to try this out, but now I am having second thoughts... It doesn't seem fare from my poor baby's perspective to be fed one day and then deprived the next.

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