My 15 year old son

Cheryl - posted on 02/13/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Well my name is cheryl i have a 15 year old son that disrespects me his dad and other family doesnt do what his is told steals money from us and other family members,we had bought him a phone on his 14th birthday and took in away for uncontrolable porn sites he looks up.he has bullied his brother till im sick and i have take everything that he loves away.i have also called the cops several times and they dont do anything unless a crime has been committed..he has bypolar and he has been on his meds and change it to others and still i have no clue on how to deal.he doent even care of his grades in scjool he just dont do his is tearing my family apart.i love him with all my heart i just dont what to do anymore.can someone please give me some advise.


Bacon - posted on 02/13/2016




Send him to scared straight . He needs to be shown what and where that type of behavior will get him in the future. Children of this day and age think they're invincible and that the rules don't apply. Also when you take things he loves away don't give them back until he's done some positive things consecutively.

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