My 15 year old son can't sleep at night!

Stephene - posted on 09/18/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 15 year old son has a hard time waking upon the morning for school because he can't sleep at night. I was thinking of making him an appointment with his doctor, but not sure there is anything they can do. Any suggestions or ideas for me to try would really be appreciated.


Argelia - posted on 09/18/2014




How's his diet? Is he eating properly? Does he take vitamins?

Basic: how bout a glass of warm milk with cinnamon and honey to calm him?

Also talk to him bout peer pressure.

Chet - posted on 09/18/2014




There are a lot of changes in the brain during the teenage years, and it's very common for a teen to have their sleep cycle shift so they are staying awake later at night and sleeping in (or wanting to sleep in) later in the morning. And if your son is dragging himself out of bed such that he's overtired and running a significant sleep debt, that can make it even more difficult to get a good sleep at night.

It won't hurt to talk to your son's doctor. There could be something more serious going on. This is a common problem though.

There have been a lot of high schools experimenting with later start times in the morning, and they say it makes a big difference. We're going to have to choose a high school for our oldest fairly soon, and I'm specifically looking for a school that doesn't start until 9am.

There are a few things that you can try:

1. Making sure that your son had a regular schedule. Staying up extra late on the weekends and sleeping really late on Saturday and Sunday morning can actually make things worse.

2. Having a wind down period with no tv, no cell phone, no computer, dim lights, etc helps to cue the brain that it's night. He should avoid stimulants too, so no Red Bull, Coke or coffee.

3. Some people find that a short nap after school helps. Some people find it makes the situation worse - their kids stay up all night and are only ready for a sleep two or three hours before they need to get up.


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