My 15 year old son has a bad attitude, disrespectful, treats his younger brother badly, and did poorly in school last year. He wants to buy another guitar from someone he knows with money he made this summer. I'm still paying for the one he already owns and its less that a year old. I know its his money,but i told him he couldn't buy it because he doesn't need another one and he may need the money for something else later.He's not speaking to me now. What should i do?


Dove - posted on 08/07/2012




If you are still paying for his old guitar... have him pay you back for that before he can use his money on a new one.

I would not connect any of your first sentence with whether or not he would get a new guitar though. Music is SO good for our kids and learning an instrument is a valuable asset to their growth. The bad attitude and such is a separate issue to deal with all on it's own. Giving you the silent treatment is disrespectful and if he wants to pretend like you don't exist then you don't need to do anything for him (like cook, wash his clothes, etc...) until he is ready for the two of you to sit down and discuss the issues maturely and rationally.

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