my 15 yr daugh. insists that she going to prom weekend. i feel that she is too young. she is nasty as hell. how can all she says is that the other girls are allowed to go. i told her i dont care. am how do most of the moms feel about this?


Jane - posted on 01/24/2012




If she is being nasty then you have an excuse to ground her. Not knowing your daughter I have no idea if she is mature enough to go. However, at 15 she most certainly is mature enough to be nice to the folks who love her. By being nasty she is demonstrating her immaturity, which is something she needs to be told.

And it doesn't matter if the other girls are allowed to go. Your house, your rules, especially if she isn't asking nicely..

What is prom weekend? Is it an overnight of some sort? Are there trusted chaperones? Is this senior prom? Junior prom?

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