My 15 yr old break curfew everyday

Dell - posted on 05/14/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 15 yr old son is flunking middle school , he refuses to do his work , and get himself suspended, when he in school he cut classes. When he supposed to come home on the school bus he go with his friends... also when he's home he sneak out every chance he gets and he lies . The family including mysel tried everything to get him to follow rules but since he turned 14 the change happened.


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Michelle - posted on 05/14/2017




You haven't actually said what the consequences have been.
I agree with what Sarah has said. You don't need to provide anything more than the basics.
Are you able to take him to school and pick him up? He can't be trusted to get the bus obviously. You also need locks on the windows and doors so he can't get out.

Sarah - posted on 05/14/2017




What consequences have you actually tried? When you say everything- have you stripped his room down to nothing but a pillow, flashlight, one change on clothes? You and only provide a roof and food. No phone, no computer, no door, no friends, no bed, no furniture. Let him learn to earn it back/. Worked for my kid. It was a huge pain, but I did it once, for the eldest of four and I never had to do it again!

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