my 15 yr old daughter is a good girl mostly, no where near the problems some teens have. she helps at home,has good grades, attends church,, overall a good kid, a couple weeks ago, her and her best friend tried a beer at another friends house. she admitted it to me right away and confessed she just wanted to try. her bff confessed to her mom as well. now her best friends mom hates my daughter. wont allow them to be friends anymore. my daughter is devastated ans misses her friend terribly. her friend feels the same way,missses my daughter and is lonely without her. i feel like they were teenagers experimenting and gratefull they confessed. i want to say something to this other mom so the girls can be friends again.what should i do or say ? if anything


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Amy - posted on 09/13/2012




If it were my daughter I would explain that while I appreciate her honesty with me unfortunately those are one of the consequences of her actions. If this other mom doesn't want your daughter around that's her right, even if it wasn't your daughter who instigated the drinking. If you want you can encourage your daughter to write the mother of her best friend offering up an apology for what happened but that's not going to guarantee that it will make anything better.

Vicki - posted on 09/13/2012




I think you saying something would be a great idea! Maybe you can ask her why she has made this decision and what issues she has with your daughter. Maybe call the mother and request a sit down and ask her if she would' nt mind if you brought your daughter along.

Sounds like the mother is looking to blame somebody else for her own daughter actions!

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