My 15 yr old daughter wants to be a tattoo artist


Gena - posted on 09/01/2013




I studied art and started tattooing when i was 18,i am very glad my dad was supportiv with me becoming a tattoo artist.My mom wasnt so happy at first but seeing i studied art she calmed down.As for being a tattoo artist it is great for me now,i am married and have a little boy,i can work at home when it suits me and earn extra bucks. Maybe you could talk to her about the option to study something with art (its a great plus for any artist) and work by a tattoo artist on the weekend.She will first have to show her drawing skills and artclass can realy help there.


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Kellie - posted on 09/01/2013




Sorry I didn't give more info, she is very artistic. The things I'm most worried about are that she feels because she is going to be a tattoo artist she doesn't need to worry about school or collage. She was getting high A's and a few high B's last year now she just wants to join the skate board club at school and drop out of orchestra and cross country. She also says she is no longer going to worry about going to collage because she just needs to get a apprenticeship after high school.

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That's a cool career choice! If she is the creative artistic type, it will give her an opportunity to explore her creativity while earning an income. I don't understand your question though, unless you are just worried about the logistics of getting her there?

Talk to her about college. Try to get her to major in a versatile creative field, like graphic design or fine arts, and minor in business. That way she'll have lots of options in case life throws her a curve ball. :
The business minor will help her incase she wants to own her own shop (which will earn her the highest income and give her the most flexibility should she decide to start a family). It's pretty obvious that if she wants to be a tattoo artist she's a non conformist, out of the box kind of person. A graphic design degree will open tons of doors in creative fields that would be a good fit for her if she changes her mind down the road and doesn't want to do tattoos anymore. Most states will also give teaching certification to anyone with a BA degree, so she could be an art teacher as well.

All in all, she's only 15, she'll probably change her mind about exactly what she wants to do several times before she finishes college, but the careers she chooses give you a good idea about what kinds of degrees and education are a good fit for her. Encourage her, but let her keep her options open.

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