My 16 daughters boyfriend is breaking up with her

Rachel - posted on 04/30/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 16 year old daughter has been dating her boyfriend for a year. He was totally head over heals for her. I was so happy for her because she had developed a social anxiety and didnt have many friends
My daughter is a beautiful and talented girl who just needed to come out of her shell. Then a few months ago started noticing signs of him distancing from her with less calls, FaceTime and texts. She doesn't know it yet, that he is trying to break up with her. He even mentioned breaking up with her, but he retrieved it back and said he was depressed and needed time to heal. She is buying into it, but deep down I know she knows. She doesn't want to let him go. The weird part is I'm devastated! I can't sleep, eat or want to do anything except to find out what's going on with and him. I just don't understand why a middle aged woman is so obsessed. Please I need advice on how to move forward and help my daughter when he finally gives her the news he doesn't want to be with her any longer.


Michelle - posted on 04/30/2016




You need to distance yourself from her boyfriend. Maybe some counseling would help you.
This won't be the first time she will be going through a breakup and if you are taking it worse than her then you need some help. It's not something a bunch of strangers on the internet can help you with though.


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Sarah - posted on 04/30/2016




You have got to get a hold of your own feelings. Teen relationships can be fleeting and for you to be stuck on him staying with her is not healthy. Encourage her to ak him about his feelings and then just support her. If she has self-esteem and anxiety issues, maybe she should not be dating yet.

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