My 16 m/o wont keep milk down please help me can toddlers turn lactose intolerant?

Sarah - posted on 10/16/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 16 m/o has never had a prob with milk and all of a sudden if i give her any she throws it bac up she can drink water or eat solids just not milk can a toddler turn lactose intolerant?

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User - posted on 08/04/2011




My toddler all of a sudden cant keep milk down either.let me know if you find anything out!

Christi - posted on 10/18/2010




Aboslutely she could be lactose intolerant. My son was on special formula from day one because of lactose intolerance. I would ask your doctor what he recommends your duaghter drink instead of milk. My son drinks Silk because Soy backs him up.

Tricia - posted on 10/18/2010




My son was lactose intolerant until 16 months old! At one year I put him on whole milk and he was throwing up and screaming in pain at night. I put him on lactose free and it resolved right away. When he was about 16 months I started slowly mixing the two together and he is awesome now! Doctor said he just had a slower system and it took him longer took handle it, but I didn't want him on formula. I'd do research on the milk you choose to give them. Soy milk has a lot of the same hormones as medication for menapose. Which has caused young girls to start menstruation early if they atte fed a soy only diet! Good luck

Neva - posted on 10/17/2010




Yes, a toddler can turn lactose intolerant and can also develop a milk allergy. I would first of all talk to her pediatrician about it and then maybe try soy or rice milk. If it is a milk allergy, sometimes there is a cross allergy with soy as well. If its a lactose intolerance, a lactaid milk may be what she needs. Your pediatrician will be able to help you sort this out.

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Time to call your doctor! Is it possible the milk is bad? Does she have any other symptoms? Seems unlikely to me that she's suddenly become lactose intolerant but I'm not a professional.

Good luck!

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