My 16 mo won't listen to anything I say.....if I try to reason with her shel just scream in my face.....n then I yell n get angry....I'm a single mom ni hate when I get angry but I don't one how to handle this.....she screams for everything n all the time.....n deliberately does things when I say no....she'll luk straight at me n do it.....I'm losing my mind......


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S. - posted on 08/15/2012




If your yelling she's getting attention and your creating a habit that will be hard to break. Don't try and reason with her! Move her away, say NO!, stay firm. If she paddies ignore her, walk away, even if you are upset act like you don't care she will get mad and snap her self out of it n the more you ignore the less the paddies will happen. If she's looking at you and touching pick her up and move her away say "no" she'll soon realise she can't win you!
And remember some single mums make the best mums, yes it's hard having to be the good and bad guy but think of it this way things get done your way and you have no one to argue against thinking their ways best! Stay strong :)

Amy - posted on 08/15/2012




She's doing it because she's getting a reaction from you. Kids don't care if they receive positive or negative attention they just want attention. First of all stop trying to reason with her she's only 16 months old and doesn't understand what's in her best interest. If she has something she's not supposed to have say no and take it, yeah she's going to be mad and have a tantrum you just need to walk away and ignore her. Be sure to offer lots of positive reinforcement when she's being good that way she'll realize she gets more attention when listening then when she's not.

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