my 16 month old daughther wont stop breastfeeding .. and she wont take a bottle what can i do to get her to stop??

Michelle - posted on 10/16/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




i really want her to take a bottle becasuse she bites me all the time .. and i cant go any where because she wont take the bottle from anyone :(


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Amy - posted on 10/16/2012




I would transition to a sippy cup rather than a bottle, because usually you want a baby off a bottle by the age of one, however many stay on it longer. However from prior experience the longer they are on it, sometimes the harder it is to get them off of it.

If you want to stop breastfeeding it's best to start the weaning process slowly dropping the feed that your daughter is least interested in first. Drop a new feed every 4-5 days giving your body time to adjust to the new feed schedule. Some of the feeds may be easier to drop than others. But you are going to have to change your patterns. If she's used to nursing when you are sitting on the couch than you are probably going to have to avoid the couch. If she's used to nursing before her nap you may have to go for a walk then, expect to have to change up your patterns and behaviors. Another way to help wean her is to slowly start cutting the feeding times down. So if she normally nurses for 10 minutes only let her nurse for 5.

If you are just weaning her because she is biting I'm sure some moms can give you tips on how to get her stop. My daughter would bite when she was teething and between ending the nursing session when she bit me and giving her tylenol when she was teething to cut down on her discomfort it was kept to a minimal. My daughter weaned shortly after her 2 birthday on her own.

Ariana - posted on 10/16/2012




I have to say the best way is to just cut her off.

Which of course is always easier than it sounds. Are you trying to give her bottled breastmilk or other type of milk? If it's bottle breastmilk you just need to not breastfeed her. Eventually she will want the milk and take it. By now she's (I assume) eating babyfood and things so she will still be getting nutrients.

If you are just giving her regular milk you can try to give her breastmilk in a bottle and slowly add regular milk to the breastmilk over time. So give her a bottle with breastmilk, then once she takes that add a quarter of the bottle with regular milk, then half the bottle etc. She may just not be used to the taste.

Stop breastfeeding, don't let her breastfeed no matter how guilty you feel. She'll transition just fine.

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