my 16 month old girl keeps banging her head

Stephanie Louise - posted on 05/12/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




from the time she wakes up she will bang her head of the sides of the cot i pick her up to comfort her she still trying 2 bang her head on anything people tell me its cos of her temper and she just wants my attention but how can that be when i pick her up and all she does is throw her self backwards I've tried alsorts too calm her down nothing working i tried cold water,talking to her cuddling,singing putting her fav cartoon on nothing is working her forehead is black from all the head banging I've had quite a few bruises from her, I took peoples advise and let her get on with it but last night i left her 2 it for 5 minutes i went back in and picked her up too put her in her highchair too discover she had blood coming out of her mouth from i call family they told me ishe has probably bit her tongue or lip they were kinda right she had a cut of some sort on the inside of her cheek what do you all think i can do as i'm scared she is going to hurt her self real bad one day and thats the last thing i ever ever want

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