My 16 month old only wants to breastfeed help!

Linda - posted on 12/29/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi moms. I'm fairly new here so please bear with me. My daughter of 16 months today does not want to eat regular foods. She does not like eating breakfast in the morning just breastmilk. At lunch I have to force her to eat a banana or yogurt. Around 5 or 6 she will eat very little food for dinner and then spits it out. She drinks breastmilk throughout the day. I feel like that's not enough. She has not lost weight thank goodness she is still very chubby. I started giving her solids since 6 months and she was doing fine. Once she hit 12 months she didn't want to eat anymore. What should i do? Should I wean her to make her hungry? What are your suggestions. Thanks!


Dove - posted on 12/29/2015




She's likely fine. Keep encouraging (not forcing because that can make her more resistant to solids) her to eat throughout the day (offering at least 3 times... if not more), but go ahead and keep breastfeeding her on demand. A toddler doesn't typically need to eat much and breast milk still has just about everything her body needs. She 'should' start getting more interested in solids w/in the next couple of months.

Many toddlers will eat 'better' if they are allowed to eat off of mom or dad's plate.... even if what is on their plate is the EXACT same thing. lol

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