My 16 months old is underweight and toothless

Kanika - posted on 08/12/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, my 16 months old daughter is on breastfeed and refuses to drink milk from bottle. I have to feed her with spoon and bowl, still it takes some 1 hour for that. She is very picky on eating. She was born 2.75 kg but still is only 7 kg. My family and friends are driving me crazy about her. Also she has no teeth till now. Doctor has recommended Pediasure etc but it is a pain to feed her that, I have tried different flavours, but she stops taking something suddenly , which she was eating the happily the other day.
Otherwise she is fine and I don't remember her falling sick at all. She is active, with a quick grasp. Sleeps 12 hours in a day. I feel like I am on war front or even worse...


Nicole - posted on 08/12/2015




To fatten her up you could buy formula and add it to breast milk... do not add water. Dr recommended this for my baby when he was very sick in the hospital when he was a couple weeks old. It far as her not taking a baby is 12 months and also breast feed and refuses a bottle but loves, loves his straw cups... then both a try. Heck, at 16 months you can even put a very small amount of nesquick in her breast milk.
As far as her teeth just coming in, that's very strange. My kids all had teeth by 10 months old.


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