My 16 year old daughter attempted suicide

Erica - posted on 08/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




It's been 17 days since her attempt by overdosing on her psych meds...she was on life support and in a coma but has since recovered and is getting help. I just feel like the worst mother on the planet. She suffers from a host of mental health conditions and in her mind thought that leaving this world would be better. I can't sleep or eat and I keep expressing to her that very few people come as close to death as she did, but God and my deceased mother had other plans for her to have a second chance. This is the very thing I have been terrified of for 4 years. It seems like nothing I do is good enough. I can't change the past, but I am trying to do everything I can to support and help her. I feel so sad that I can't "fix" her as I'm a nurse...I can't relieve her pain and I've done everything I can, but I'm constantly criticized by my brother who has 3 year old twins and is the perfect parent/family. I just don't know what to do with myself. I have nightmares of seeing her on life support and seeing the look of death in her eyes and skin. I don't know what to do........


Fran - posted on 08/06/2014




Hi Erica, i am soooo sorry to hear of your daughter's attempt on her life. This is every parent's nightmare. I can't even imagine the pain you must be going thru. My son who is 18 years old earlier this year threatened suicide he too suffer from mental anxiety, depression, etc adhd. Life has been tough for him and he too has mentioned the world would be better without him. I ended up taking him to emergency for an assessment and would worrry constantly if he would attempt to take his life. Mental illness is so hard to deal with and only people who deal with it can understand. We try to fix all our children's problems but at some point, we can only do so much and they need to help themselves as much as we want to rescue them. Life is tough and even tougher when you deal with a mental illness. I too have played the should have, would have game over and over in my mind. If only i had done this etc. You do the best you can and ultimately your daughter has to help herself and hope and pray she gets thru this. Your brother has no right to criticize we all do the best we can. My heart goes out to you and your daughter and i pray she gets thru this. Please keep us updated on her progress.

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