my 16 year old daughter is out of control

Andrea Brooke - posted on 04/07/2016 ( 6 moms have responded )




shes having sex with a 17 year old i already told her not to speak to becaues shes had one abortion already im very upset


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Gabrielle - posted on 04/08/2016




Andrea, are you her mom or her friend? You said that she is out of control. Can she trust you with her heart? I have been watching a lot of moms with their daughters lately and have seen that real bonding going on where the girls literally listen to their moms above their peers.

Just recently I watched how beautifully a young lady has turned out and I told her mom that I had watched her over the years. The mom shared back with me that she told her daughter that she would be glad for her to turn 18 so that she could be her friend because while raising her, she couldn't alway be that.

Someone else responded to you about talking to your daughter rather than chastising her. I would place inside of her her value and let her know that the value of who she is is greater than her body and sexual cravings. Let her know that she is like a Mercedes Benz and that because of her value, she can't treat herself as a hoopdie. :-) You on a daily basis endeavor to encourage the greatness in her so that she doesn't just align herself with any and everyone. Instill in her the control of self love. You love on her everyday. Encourage her greatness everyday. Let her know that she is still the most precious young lady in your home. Tell her how great it was the day you brought her home from the hospital. Tell her HER STORY. Keep her knowing this so that she builds her confidence in herself. I wish you much success and will be praying that God can give you encouraging words to say to your daughter daily. Be blessed

Jodi - posted on 04/07/2016




Take her to get some birth control. It is highly unlikely at this point you are going to be able to stop them having sex. It is very difficult at this age to control the people they associate with, and 16 year olds have sex - it isn't uncommon. So rather than banning her from this boy, get to know the boy, talk to your daughter openly about sex, contraception options, sexual health, and so on. If you educate her rather than chastise her, she is less likely to make poor choices.

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