My 16 year old daughter is overweight.

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My 16 year old daughter is overweight by at 30 lbs and I've had her to her doctor, blood work and "nothing is wrong". She joined a gym and changed her eating habits for one month and gained weight ? She said its not working and quit. She is an honor student and 3rd year in marching band. Talented and beautiful. Her boyfriend of course loves her just as she is but I'm more concerned about her health and diabetes ! Most of the weight is in her stomach and she has terrible stretch marks as you low that will never go away. We have tried a million diets. Everyone says she has to exercise. She just won't because 1) it didn't work before and 2) she's not active that way and never really has time with school, band, church, youth group, and sleep? I can't talk to her anymore she starts to cry and says what do you want me to do Mom. Any suggestions. Oh by the way we are as broke as could be so $ is a huge issue as well.


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SHE doesn't need to change her eating and exercise habits, the FAMILY does.

Get involved in the process. It's much easier to make the changes if you're surrounded by people who are doing the same thing and giving support.

Start going on family walks after dinner. Change around your eating habits. Change portion sizes and what you're eating. Make healthy, homemade snacks available instead of junk. In fact, don't buy junk food at all.

Avoid processed food as much as you possibly can. Avoid *white* product. Whole grain is best (not whole WHEAT or *brown*, especially with bread). With rice, go for wild rice.

Cut out sugary drinks. Pop AND juice. Avoid coffee/caffeinated drinks (including black and green teas. If you must, drink all natural herbal teas) as much as you can. Stick to water as much as possible.

Watch your salt intake, but don't cut it out entirely. Your body does need salt.

Switch to lean meats as much as possible.

A good little trick to help portion sizes is to use smaller plates. That way it seems like you have more on your plate than you really do, when you're actually eating less. Wait 15 minutes before you go back for more, to allow your body to decide if you're really hungry or not.

Avoid eating after 8pm. Pick one thing that's really boring and that you really don't like (I've heard the suggestion of plain, unseasoned, baked turkey breast slices) and if you really are hungry, you'll eat it, but if you're just bored or whatever, it's just not really worth it :P

Never eat out of boredom and avoid eating in front of the computer, TV or while distracted in any way. It's easy to lose track of how much you're eating that way.

And remember the general rule for your plate 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein and 1/4 carb/starch.

And don't cheat with the veggies. Dips and cheese sauces, while delicious, are full of fats and assorted things not helpful for losing weight :P lightly steamed, small bit of butter, sprinkling of herbs or salt, that's best. In fact, in general, you should use herbs and spices to flavor food instead of the fats that so many of us are used to :)

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