My 16 year old needs friends


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Sam - posted on 02/05/2012




I dont think it is nessesary for kids to have friends over to play to be happy or well adjusted.

You say he has friends and enjoyes hanging out while doing things he is interesed in. If he says he is happy. Is that not enough??

I was a little concerned that he may not have interests and socialise at all but it appears he does. This may be enough for him, especially if he is on the shy side.

My husband was shy as a child but made friends through his hobbies and interests, and even to this day I dont think he has as many friends or socialises as often as he should.

But who am I to say its not enough? If he is fulfilled in his life and is happy with who he is, that should be enough.

Isnt all anyone can ask for is to be happy and fulfilled in their life.

What works for one may not nessesarily work for another, we are all individuals.

Melissa - posted on 02/05/2012





He actually has a lot of interests and is a very smart kid. He runs cross country and track is in boy scouts preparing for his eagle project. He really enjoys hanging out with these boys during the particular activity, he's just not interested in hanging out with any of them outside of that particular activity. He insists he's happy, but I don't want him to miss out on the fun he could be having. All of his siblings have friends come over and go places with friends.

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