My 16 year old son is convinced that he is going to marry his high school girlfiend....

Dianne - posted on 05/23/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




They are visiting colleges together and acting like they are already married (don't go out with anyone else). They spend every minute together and he even lies to me when he is with her. The BIGGEST problem is this girls' mother.....she is OBSESSED with the whole son didnt even spend Mother's Day with me... I was so sad :( anyone else out there experience this??


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September - posted on 05/23/2012




I've never dealt with it as a mother but I did marry my high school sweetheart. We are still going strong 17 years later, happily married and have an amazing 3 year old son. So it can happen. I do think it's sad he didn't spend Mother's Day with you. I do think it's important to be active in other things and not be so consumed with a relationship. Both myself and my husband were active in sports so that took up a lot of our free time, but when we weren't playing sports we were together. Maybe you could do things with them so that you can be more involved. Good luck!

Lady Heather - posted on 05/23/2012




Unless its harming him in some terrible way (really bad grades, drug use of something), I'd say you should just let the relationship run its course. Teens don't respond well to interferences in relationships and if it's not meant to be he will figure that out in time. My husband was in high school when we started dating and my brother and his wife were 16 when they started dating and we've been with our significant others for 11 years. So you never know. If they do stay together they will probably relax on the obsessiveness of it. My brother was like that too. They are just a normal married couple now.

Michelle - posted on 05/23/2012




I know a few people who did exactly that and are living loving happy lives now that they are adults, some people find their soulmates early others don't your son is 16 and is making his own choices you have to learn to be ok with them or you will push him away. Even if he is making a bad choice.

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