My 16 year old son is out of control

Roohi - posted on 07/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 16 year old son is out of control since last year. He has ODD. Smokes pot, drinks, has dropped his grades, changed 4 schools and now i have him on a program paying for him to get 24 credits to earn his GED at a community college. He will turn 17 in September. He does what he feels like. Has sex with strangers (girls around his age) he meets on facebook. Today i found him responding to sex ads on craigslist from women and telling them he is 19. He even arranged for one of them to go to our house while i was at work but she didnt. I saw all this on the phone this morning and I took the phone away. Its hard to contact anyone at Craigs list so I posed as law enforcement and sent an email to their legal department with his aol account that he responds from. He has broken walls, doors. has runaway from home twice. the second time I hoped he would never come back. He threatens me all the tim saying he will run away. He is loud, in my face and screams and yells. I called the police twice, The second time they took him in the ambulance to the hospital. They diagnosed him with bipolar but i think he is just a brat. The therapy center called the Children Services on me the second time I took him to the hospital because they said I didnt follow up with meds. I did but he was on pot so they told me he should not take any. Now I have made an appt with a substance abuse clinic next week for him. My mother will take him but if he decides he doesnt want to go he wont. He is also abusive to my mother, walks into her house at odd times asking for money.

Bottom Line: I live in NY. I wish I could kick him out. I am so fed up. I lost 2 jobs cos of him and not about to lose the third. sometimes i find myself wishing he got arrested so he can get a good lesson, My tears have not stopped since last year.

Also he doesnt follow curfew. Goes in and out of the house whenever he feels like. I told the child services social worker this and she is good enough to warn him that if he continues with his behavior they will strip me off of my parental rights. I even found weed and alcohol in my house.


Katherine - posted on 07/13/2012




Sounds like he needs to go into a juvenile home! They will control his meds there and make him take them. You can petition him in. You are still his guardian. And to be blamed for him not taking his meds is ridiculous! You can't exactly make him. But they will!

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