My 16 year old son seems to be depressed. grew up with out father

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My 16 year old seems very sad all the time, he is very reserved and hardly talks to anyone unless he has too. they are days where he gets really upset with me when i tell him to do something. he has straight A's has been a good student, nut I feel like he has anger towards me. He has never met his father I re married when he was 8 and have a little boy now. My husband is great with my 16 year old but lately all he does is sleep after school and he wont talk to anyone. some people tell me he is depressed other he could be doing drugs, but what kind because I don't smell weed he is always my mothers or our supervision we don't allow him to close his bedroom door. Help.


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Big hugs to you... raising boys can be a challenge because they are usually not wired to be overly chatty. Its not uncommon for teen boys to just want some space... on the other hand its important never to close your eyes to real depression. If his grades are still good and he has a few good friends that he spends time with ... i wouldn't be overly worried. One suggestion is to write him a note with your concerns... boys who don't like to talk will often share their feelings in writing... tell him how much you love him and maybe share a funny story of when he was younger... then gently explain that your worried that he is angry with you about something. Ask him, Am i doing something wrong or is there something happening at school... could he please write back with whats up.
Also teaching a boy to drive a car is a great time to bond.
I found this book really helped me understand my three boys, would highly recommend it for anyone raising kids,
Food is often a good way to get a boy to come out of his room. "Hey, I'm baking your favorite cookies but I need help, could you give me 20minutes of your time. then try mentioning, I'm worried about you, whats up?

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