My 16 year old son wants to move back in with his father, should we continue with the every second weekend arrangement?


Jodi - posted on 01/04/2012




I think at 16, he can pretty much make his own choices about this, unless there is some legitimate reason that going to live with his dad is detrimental for some reason. It doesn't sound like it though, given your question isn't about whether you should let him or not.

I have found that as my son gets older and has more say in his life (he is 14), the court orders are kind of semi out the window.

I would say that if he goes and moves in with his dad, you could keep the every second weekend arrangement, in that he come and visit you. But I see no reason why it need only be every second weekend - if your son wants to come to your place for some time here and there when he chooses, that shouldn't be an issue either. I guess what I'm saying is, give him a home in both places, and there is no real need for a formal arrangement at this age.


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Totally not enough information to give a real opinion. I will say that my parents split right before I turned 16 and let me choose who to live w/... and I lived w/ my dad.

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