my 16 yr old son hates school and wants to quit school and get a job.

Sara D - posted on 12/12/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




How do i try and talk him out of it? I know its mostly because he is failing a couple of classes & he feels overwhelmed with makeup work he has alot of orthodontists visits causing him to get even more behind. He is a very bright young man. He has some friends that have already dropped out and do drugs and he has tried pot and has informed me how he does not want to go down that path. He has seen his dad and i go tbrough the struggles of sobriety and addiction to drugs and alcahol and recovery and sobriety and living in poverty level to lower income levels , living paycheck to paycheck. He has been through us getting seperated and remarried and in new relationchips he has a stepmom & a stepdad. I just dont know what to say to him cometimes.?? Sorry but my phone is dying let me get bk in a few minutes after i find my charger..


Ev - posted on 12/13/2015




I think you need to sit him down and explain without a high school diploma that he can not get anywhere in life. Most places anymore require the didploma or GED. If they do not he is stuck in that kind of job the rest of his life and if he is as bright as you say he is then he needs to graduate or get the GED so he can go on and complete his education and get a good job somewhere. He does not have to go to a 4 year college as there are tech schools and 2 year colleges that can get him into something just as good and easier than a four year program can anymore. Explain to him without certain sets of skills he might not get where he wants to go in life. Then if you are having issues in talking this out with him and need more information then go to the school and have the counselor go over his options both in quitting school and staying in or getting his GED.

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