My 16months baby boy weighs 9.38 kgs only...Is it a good weight?Can somebody offer me a diet for him

Saveeta - posted on 03/25/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Can somebody offer a good indian balanced diet for my 16months baby boy...he weighs 9.38 kgs it a good weight ? doctor says he needs to put on another 1kg at least....


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I have a girlfriend who was also told her little boy needed to gain weight. Her doctor told her to add cream to his cereal, give him pasta & potatoes etc. Try to stay away from sugary foods though.

Her little boy didn't like it so she gave up in the end and he is perfectly healthy. Still small but hitting all his developmental bench marks etc. How is your son doing? Is he hitting all of his milestones? Maybe he is just small framed.


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My child is 22lbs 50z and 15 mths old..and she is a little over this time and last time she was underweight at 9 months at 16lbs.She was born 6lbs 50z..your son is 20lbs 7oz?if i converted it right..some children are genetically smaller and if he looks healthy i would not worry..there weight by doctors are guidelines..i was born small and always small growing up and at 25 i am 7stone 10lbs and 4foot 11 in height...were all different as adults so its only normal that the same applies to children and babies.My second child was always a bit under but she ate well and was tall and how shes five and nearly 4foot tall and lean.

If your son is eating well enough for you and to me he looks very healthy in the pic so i wouldnt worry.:-)

Clara - posted on 03/26/2010




Just trust your instincts, only you know what baba needs.

But try the follow up formula, mine drinks it at night, but then again, I am an attached mommy, so dont worry much about all the experts.

Sharon - posted on 03/25/2010




fat baby - happy baby.
No need to worry about weight until after 4
they do so much growing it may just balance out.

Saveeta - posted on 03/25/2010




Thanks Nicky and Clara...Jeehan is faring well in other areas (infact he's good - touchwood), but have always been concerned about his weight (...always desired to get that chubby boy look)....dunno if i'm being too paranoid about it but he needs an extra kg or 2 .... ?!

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