My 17 daughter wants to become a man

Josie - posted on 06/10/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




This is not a case of when she was young she was a tomboy or anything like that, in actually fact she was always a typical girl. In the last three years she has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and is struggling in her final year of high school. She has seen numerious councillors over the years and is currently seeing a psychiatrist who has put her on dex amphetamine which is helping her focus on her studies. She has never really been excepting among the "big" group of girls at school but has always had a couple of close girlfriends. her main reasoning in becoming a man is that she feels she will be more respected and taken seriously. She wears boys clothes and straps her breasts down and works out trying to build a more masculine frame and is adamant that once she turns 18 she will start taking male hormones. Although her father and I are divorced and she lives with him full time we are both on the same page and feel such a life changing decision cannot be made so quickly but yet feel it is somewhat out of our control once she is of a legal age. Wow!!! I am sorry I could write a book, but I am so totally alone and feel so helpless any advice would be appreciated


Michelle - posted on 06/10/2015




Does her psychiatrist know how she feels?
She wouldn't be able to just go on the hormones, a doctor would do psychiatric testing to make sure it's what she really wants.
Talk with her doctors with her and get them to explain the steps involved in gender changes.
The reason she told you about being more respected taken more seriously isn't a reason to go through a whole gender change.

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