My 17 month daughter doesnt eat properly. She has no interest in food. she is only 19 pound. Really very worried about her. She is always very active but she just dont like any kind of food except breast feed. any suggestion moms. please help me..


Tina - posted on 08/26/2012




Just keep offering her food. Be persistant. Offer small feeds regularly of healthy snacks or put some food on your plate for her and let her eat off of your plate. It takes time and persistance. Kids can try things numerous times before they acquire taste to them. Just don't be tempted to resort to the junk food to get her to eat or put on weight because that will make it almost impossible to get her to eat healthy as she's getting older she'll only want to eat what she likes. Good luck :)


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Shanaz - posted on 08/27/2012




tnx a lot..Really glad to get your sounds really great...i will try it..Hope she will like the way...

Amanda - posted on 08/25/2012




maybe if you were to eat in front of her and show her. or just putting food in front of her and letting her do it on her own. that mite help. as long as she heathly. you shouldnt worry that much. i can see if shes not eating at all then you should be worried. maybe if you were to try different foods to. she probably only wants one thing. and that can be breast milk. so just keep feeding her it. and still try to keep feeding her food.

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