My 17 month old doesn't have any real words - just babble - used to say hello and now doesn't and it's worrying me a bit. His 4 year old sister had language very early on and I know girls are quicker than boys. I also have a 24 year old boy but can't remember back that far in relation to his speech. He understands everything I'm saying to him but just speaks in his own language.


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Amy - posted on 03/05/2012




My daughter who is turning two this month has limited spoken language. She has actually just started speaking more, we understand her but someone from outside the family would have no clue. At 18 months she only had two or three spoken words, we had birth to three come do an assessment on her because she was so far behind her brothers language skills at that age. We weren't overly concerned because she understood everything, heard us, and could follow complex directions but wanted the assessment to be sure we shouldn't be doing more.

One of the things they looked for was her ability to repeat the beginning sounds like bababa, dadada, mamama, which she did fine. We were told that her language skill surpassed other kids her age because of her understanding. They gave us some things to do at home like reading picture books, try and get her to repeat words for her brother since she responds best to him, and we've taught her sign language for basics like juice, water, milk, cheese, blanket, please, thank you and a bunch of others. It keeps her frustrations down and she still gets her needs met. You can mention it at your sons 18 month check up but more then likely he falls within the wide range of what's normal.

Kay - posted on 03/05/2012




I would talk to your pediatrician.

You have a wide range of 'normal' in milestones, but there is also a very small window where intervention is really effective.

My seventeen month old just started the early intervention process with our pediatrician's guidance. He did some babbling, but missed out on making hard consonants. Where most boys have around 30 spoken words by eighteen months, he regularly uses about five and demonstrates no interest in picking up words or imitating them when we say them. We literally just went through the assessment, so we don't know what is going on, but it is nice to have people on our team so to speak. Honestly, though, even now it may turn out that it is all fine, lol, and that we don't have to go any further with the process, but we wiildn't know unless we had partnered with our doc and reached out for help.

Good luck!!!

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