my 17 month old is understanding alot of things me and his father ask and say to him...he has been reallt curius lately..getting into things he shouldn't and pushing things to climb up on and to things...and we know he knows alot of the things he's doing is not allowed.he'll look rite at us smile and do it.all day long this is what i do with's like he likes getting yelled at!he won';t play with any toys alls he wants to do is getting and onto things he's not allowed!so i really need some tips on how to slow him down get him to understand no and stop when we tell him to!instead of stoping and then going rite back to what we told him not to do!!!! is there anyway to get my son to know mommy and daddy are his parents and when we say no we mean it!he's not doing simple things ex climbing on top of oven door,getting on table, pushing the coffee table glasses out, messing with outlets that have covers but he pulls them out, ect please help need some steps/advice to get my son a lil one the rite track


Angel - posted on 07/15/2013




Instead of "yelling" at him try these step:
1) Physically stop him from doing what he's doing. 2) Have him in your lap (facing you) while you explain why what he's doing is not ok (i.e. it's dangerous, he can get hurt, he can hurt someone else, etc). 3) Tell him what the consequences will be if he does it again (he'll be put in his crib, get spanked, be left in his room alone for 2 mins, etc). 4) Let him down.

If he does it again, follow through with the consequences. He already needs discipline & it's a loving act to do, just do your best not to do it in anger.

One last thought. If he's behaving badly & you've followed through with the discipline, play with him or read to him after the discipline has been administered. He may just be wanting attention.

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