My 17 month old son hits,punches and kicks everything and everyone how do i stop it

Sam - posted on 05/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Please help my 17 month old son is very violent I am confused as to why because we are a loving family of four and we aren't angry or violent around him how does he no how to be violent and how do we stop it


Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 05/17/2013




Well children have a tough time controlling their impulses and emotions. Hitting , kicking , ect is an instinct children have when they feel frustrated or angry. Young kids who can't communicate very well tend to get frustrated easily bc it's hard to communicate what they are feeling . Teaching your child self control and a healthy way to get out frustrations and being consistent in explaining hitting is not nice will help. Try and focus on when ur son gets in his moods and she what's frustrating him. He could also be doing this bc of the reaction he gets . My daughter would bite me and laugh bc of my reaction . I started simply telling her " don't bite that's not nice" and putting her down. She realized it's no fun to bite bc she will get no attention at all so she stopped

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