my 17 month old was suddenly sick on weds then ok thurs & slightly sick friday she got lots of teeth coming through & is eating well although her sleep is more unsettled at the mo,she usually a great sleeper,she has no temperature so could it be teething made her sick,dont want to keep running to docs but will if she sick again !! thanks christine


Daniela - posted on 04/13/2013




Hey Christine,

I had almost the similar thing happen this week actually. On Wed night, my daughter woke up with a 102 fever :( Then on Thurs she seemed fine. I took her to the doctor yesterday and she was once again, running a low fever. Doctor said it seemed to be a viral infection.

But it could definitely be teething for your child. Although, taking her to the doctor, just to have her checked out, is always okay. Hey, that's what they're there for, right? :) You could always call and ask them. But if no temperature any longer, I would just watch her and keep making sure that she doesn't get one. Besides, she's eating well! The restlessness at night, could definitely be the teething!

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